Organization Leaders You May Know


Name: Prescott Bliss ’17


Major/Minor: Major: Civil Engineering; Minor: Music

Organization/Position: Organization: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship; Position: Co-Vice President/Vision Team Member

Event/initiative you’re most excited for this semester: Fall Conference—A retreat run by InterVarsity where members from all over the area come to connect with people from other schools. It’s held at a place called Refreshing Mountain Camp so that can only be a good thing!
Why did you choose to get involved in your organization? I joined InterVarsity because I wanted to be a part of a community that would not only help me grow in my faith in Jesus, but also give me the opportunity to help others grow in their faith. InterVarsity has been that and so much more to me.
Name: Jillian Korn ’16

Hometown: Webster, N.Y.

Major: Major: Biology; Minor: Latin American Studies 

Organization/Position: Rotaract Club President
Event/initiative you’re most excited for this semester:
Last year we collected over 250 toys during our holiday toy drive. The donated toys went to the Donald Heiter Community Center to be distributed to local families. We are very excited to hold the drive again this year, and we hope it will be even more successful.

Why did you choose to get involved in your organization? I was a member of the high school version of Rotary International, called Rotary Interact. I always enjoyed doing community service, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be a founding member of the University’s Rotaract club. I am inspired to stay involved because our club members are extremely motivated to do good in the community.


Name: Abishek Raghavan ’16

Hometown: Accra, Ghana

Major/Minor: Mechanical engineering

Organization/Position: South Asian Student Association President

Event/initiative you’re most excited for this semester: 44th SASA Dinner! It’s the longest-running student-run event on campus and we love to showcase our culture in a different light each year.

Why did you choose to get involved in your organization? Initially it was a good place where I felt at home and an avenue to meet new people. Three years on and my enthusiasm for the club has only grown. We are like family and cherish the opportunity to get together and organize events to spread awareness. I’m glad I can give back to an organization that means so much to me through a leadership position.

Name: Stephanie LaVenture ’16

Hometown: Worcester, Mass.

Major/Minor: Major: Psychology; Minor: Sociology 

 Organization/Position: Bison Firsts, Founding President

Event/initiative you’re most excited for this semester:
Since we are a relatively new club on campus, I’m really just most excited about getting to know other first-generation college students and building a sense of community and support among us!
Why did you choose to get involved in your organization? I don’t think there is nearly enough support on campus for first-generation college students; although I must admit the class of 2019 is receiving more support than ever and the University is getting much better about it. I started the club, with the support of the fabulous Cheyenne Mendes ’16, in hopes of helping first-generation students feel more at home and prepared for college. I wish that I had something like the Bison Firsts my first year, so decided to create this support system for other students.
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