Student Organization Spotlight: Meadow View and Essex Place Tutoring

Brandon Ponzo, Contributing Writer

Meadow View and Essex Place tutoring is a program that pursues the advancement of schooling and success in the classroom.

“The mission statement of the program is to provide a safe, comfortable, and productive learning space where the students receive support and the necessary help and social interactions needed to thrive,” student coordinator Brielle Grote ’18 said.

Anyone can join the program as a tutor.

“It’s for everyone! I encourage everyone to think about joining,” Grote said.

The program intends to have a positive impact on the children involved.

“I have had an impact on the kids’ lives. You become a constant in their lives and they are in yours. You get to help them when they need support. It is an amazing thing to be a part of,” Grote said.

University students part of the program not only help with schoolwork, but also serve as friends and mentors for the children. The program has a positive and lasting impact on both the children and the student tutors.

Every person has at one point or another struggled in school; students involved with Meadow View and Essex Place tutoring seize the opportunity to help those they can.

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