Marshall, Moore Aid Office of Development & Alumni Relations as Executive Interns

Mamta Badlani , Staff Writer

Students who participate in the Undergraduate Executive Internship Program get a chance to integrate the University’s success into their own education. Interns work closely with senior staff and representatives from major University stakeholders and apply their skills from past experiences to University projects. The program provides students the opportunity to broaden their networks and improve their communication skills, while supporting the University’s mission. The two executive interns profiled this week, Kortney Marshall ’16 and  Rebecca Moore ’16, work within the Office of Development & Alumni Relations.

Marshall is a sociology and psychology double major. In addition to working as an Executive Intern, she is the Chair of Outreach for the Black Student Union, a TEAM Peer Mentor for Multicultural Student Services, and a tour guide in the Office of Admissions.

Marshall said that she didn’t know what to expect going into the program, other than the fact that she would now need to commit herself to working 10-12 hours a week.

“I had never had many interactions with anyone from the Office of Development before my interview for the position, so I wasn’t sure what my projects would look like once I started,” Marshall said.

After completing her first week at the program, Marshall gained an idea of what her assignments would consist of for the rest of the semester, but said that “they are still constantly changing.”  

“Since being a part of this program, I have learned an incredible amount of information about professionalism, what it takes to be relatable, and how to work in a variety of group and independent settings,” Marshall said.

Though Marshall enjoys working closely with the other interns, her favorite part of the program pertains to the relationship she has built with a faculty member. Marshall said the constant encouragement Ron Marquette, the Assistant Director of Annual Fund and Campus Community Philanthropy Programs, gives her to speak her mind and create new ideas “is really a blessing.”

Marshall advises other students to try new things by becoming involved in clubs, organizations, and campus employment experiences that they may not otherwise consider.

“Participating in different organizations throughout my time at Bucknell has not only given me multiple opportunities for connections, but I have also gained a more diverse perspective about the University. Step out of your comfort zone and do something new, refreshing, and exciting. Don’t follow the herd, lead it!” Marshall said.

Moore is a managing for sustainability major, and legal studies and international relations double minor. In addition to participating in other activities, Moore is involved in the Leadership Education Alumni Donation (LEAD) Council, is the Managing Editor of the Bucknell Business Review, and a member of the Bucknell Green Fund Committee and Bucknell Brigade.

“[I am humbled] to work with such a diverse and amazing group [of] some of the most hardworking and involved peers I have met while on campus,” Moore said. 

The program has given Moore a lot of responsibility, resulting in the improvement of her time management skills, since she has to balance her intern duties with her school work.  

Moore said that her experience as an executive intern has far exceeded her expectations, and she encourages all University students to get involved and make the most of their college experience.

“Bucknell has so many different and exciting opportunities for students, such as the Undergraduate Executive Internship Program. My involvement in this program has enriched my experience at Bucknell, and I encourage other students to find the organization on campus that makes them feel the same way,” Moore said. 


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