Du’s and don’ts: Oscar Fashion

Elizabeth Duswalt , Columnist

Each award season, celebrities don their best and classiest attire (well, for the most part), and this year’s Academy Awards were no different. The only difference was that I stayed up for the entire thing: four painful hours of listening to “Mad Max: Fury Road” win almost every award (I had never heard of this movie until the Oscars and I’m still unsure as to what it is about). Regardless, the stars stayed true to tradition. There were those who fell under the best-dressed category, and those who fell under the worst.

Let’s start with the men since they all essentially wear the same outfit anyway. Kevin Hart came in a Dolce & Gabbana rhinestone-trimmed tux. Yes, rhinestones on a tux. I never thought I would see it happen, yet it did. I guess when you’re a 5’4 man you gotta do what you gotta do.

Jared Leto also falls into my category of worst-dressed. His tux had red piping … that’s so tacky. I feel like red piping is reserved for mariachi bands (but not the real ones). This was like something your dad would buy from the Halloween store because your mom said she wanted to do a couplescostume for the company Halloween party.

The best-dressed celebrity in my eyes was most definitely Jacob Tremblay. He’s hands-down the cutest kid in all of America, and then you put him in a little Armani suit where his only choice in the matter were his Darth Vader socks. No adult stood a chance. Not even you, Leo.

For the adult males, Eddie Redmayne definitely won. When it comes to a tux, traditional is always better. He looked effortless in his Alexander McQueen ensemble. Maybe he has an advantage because the last time I saw him, he was wearing a dress. Who cares? He’s still hot.

Now for the female category: Heidi Klum was obviously worst-dressed. If anyone were to pull off that purple tulle disaster it would be her, but even she couldn’t do it. I don’t entirely have words for it except that it looked cheap and I am sure it was anything but.

Somehow Cate Blanchett’s dress made it on to a few different best-dressed lists. This is mind-blowing to me. Yes, the cut was flattering, but the eight million flowers all over the dress really ruined it for me. I feel like three-dimensional objects sprouting out all over your outfit is never good in theory or execution.

As for best-dressed, Rachel McAdams slayed. Her dress was so simple and sleek. She was the perfect combination of hot and classy. Charlize Theron also nailed this look in her red gown. Classic is always the way to go. I’m telling you, people.

Obviously, Lady Gaga stole the show. She managed to wear a dress and pants all at once. It didn’t look weird at all. Seriously, think about that statement in your head: a dress that also has pants.

I will never again stay up and watch an entire awards show unless I am a nominee, because it was exhausting. Next year, I will just watch the red carpet and call it a night.

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