Greek Woman of the Week: Kate Jansen


Megan Courtney, Contributing Writer

Name and Affiliation: Kate Jansen, Alpha Delta Pi

Other On Campus Activities: I’m Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Bucknell, Bucknell Dining Marketing Intern, and a Member of Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society.

Hometown: Wilton, CT

Major and Minor: English Literature

Favorite Spot on Campus: You can always find me in the Student Space or the Yoga Dear Studio (although this isn’t technically “on campus).

Favorite Class: That’s a REALLY hard question but probably a close tie between Questioning the Post Racial with Prof. Anthony Stewart and Graphic Design with Prof. James Dunlap.

First Concert: Jonas Brothers (Nick Jonas was and still is my favorite Jo Bro)

Other random facts:

– Her Campus is doing a “Senior Spotlight Series,” so look out for more articles like the letter I wrote to my freshman self!

– On the Her Campus note, I’ve been involved since my freshman year and it’s allowed me to meet girls from a variety of Greek organizations who I wouldn’t have met otherwise!

– Funny you asked about my YouTube channel…it’s obviously very young because I recently got a GoPro for my birthday. I love editing videos so I thought taking videos of my friends (in “peak” moments, i.e. Cancun and HPW) was the best way to express myself creatively! I have also made it my mission to make a video a weekend now until graduation, so stay tuned for more!

– I also have an affinity for taking photos of food, Instagramming, and then eating said food.



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