Love letters from a 20-something abroad

Madeleine Silva, Web Managing Editor

Dear Henry,

Florence, Italy is gorgeous. And the culture is amazing. Every night I’ve gone out with girls from New Jersey who are in my program. It feels like I’ve become totally immersed in Italian life. Even though I’ve only been here for four days, I can already say “chow.”  Isn’t that insane? My life will never be the same; nothing will compare to this experience. Miss you so much, can’t wait for you to visit over spring break.




Bonjour Henry!

Over the long weekend, the girls and I took a trip to Paris! We totally got lost and missed a flight, but it was okay because of the experience. On Saturday we had planned to go to the Louvre and see Claude Monet’s work, but we ended up drinking three bottles of wine at lunch and never made it to the museum. However, we rallied to go out at night! It truly is the city of love. Wish you could have been there.




Hey Henry!

Ibiza, Spain was crazy; Mike Posner totally undersells it in the song. This time, our group decided it would be better to avoid even trying to explore the local culture. It’s just way too much effort and we wanted enough time to get ready for the evening. By the way, I know you’re supposed to come in a week for spring break and you bought tickets four months ago, but maybe you could cancel them? Let me know if that works for you!





Sorry I missed your last 17 calls. I got an email from my mom that my phone bill was $4,500 this month; I didn’t even realize it costs extra to use data. Doing this to you is killing me, but I need space. The men in Europe are just different and I no longer think we can relate to each other on an emotional level. I’ve been in Europe for two and a half months, so the transformation was inevitable. One day, maybe you’ll find something or someone as special as I’ve found in Europe and its men.



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