Young Love: 5 signs that Sam from Sculpture I is into you

Madeleine Silva, Web Managing Editor

  1. Serendipitously, you both took this class because you thought it would be an easy A. Every time the professor mentions homework at the end of class, Sam rolls his eyes at you. You just get him, and he knows it.
  2. When you walk to class, Sam walks far enough in front of you so he doesn’t have to make conversation, but close enough that you can see he wore a new shirt to impress you.
  3. Last week the professor let the class choose groups for the semester project. Feeling courageous, you asked Sam if he would like to join your group. He quickly refused. But the way the word “no” rolled off his tongue was so harsh; you know he meant something more. Ah, the games we play in love!
  4. On Thursday when you complimented his haircut, he thanked you for noticing since he needed it cut for his date party this weekend. So cute, he’s waiting to ask you!
  5. Finally, when you see him on campus with his girlfriend he doesn’t even bother to look your way. Because, well, isn’t it obvious? He’s totally into you.
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