Young Love: Tips from seven of campus’ best love gurus

Madeleine Silva, Web Managing Editor

Lizzie: Don’t make eye contact on the Quad until 17.5 days into knowing him. Suspense is sexy.

Dawn: She’s right. But in the same regard, don’t be too unavailable. Like, you can make eye contact before 17.5 days, but don’t make like, “needy” eye contact. Do you understand?

Amanda: Lizzie and Dawn are both right, but the tricky part is when you add him on any social media. If he hasn’t already added you, that’s your first red flag. But, maybe look past that and add him on Snapchat. Then wait until the weekend to send him a snap, and only snap him if you are dressed and ready to go out for the night.

Becky: These are such valid points that everyone is making. With social media you have to be careful.  If you both send each other Snapchats you have to follow this exact formula to stay away from looking clingy. He snaps you first, you can respond, but only once. Then let him snap you five times to your one response. And continue, until he is snapping you twenty five times to your one response. After this you will restart the entire cycle.

John: (inhales) Wrong. Ladies, I want to be pursued. Add me on snap, friend me, send me that late night text that Drake always talks about. This is the only way I will feel comfortable enough to speak to you in daylight.

Christian: Yes, I agree with John, you four are wrong. But, don’t pursue me too much. Like, maybe add me on snap but don’t push it with a text message. I’ll let you know when I am ready at 3 a.m. in the morning. Okay?

Matt: Everyone is wrong! Just be transparent with each other and maybe try grabbing a bite or going to the movies. Really invest yourself in getting to know one another. I’m just kidding, go in for the kill immediately and then don’t speak ever again. That’s love baby.

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