Tour guide adds ‘walking backwards’ to skills section of LinkedIn


Madeline Diamond, Senior Editor

After attending a LinkedIn training session at the Career Development Center this week, Victoria Vedder ’17 spoke out about the lack of recognition for campus tour guides in the job world.

“Tour guides have a tough job. We need stamina to guide our groups up and down the hills all across campus and we must learn how to project our voices without screaming into the ears of prospective students, and we’re not even allowed to walk backwards here at the University because some idiot got injured one time,” Vedder said.  “I still do sometimes, because, come on, I’m a tour guide.”

Since learning the importance of a polished social media presence when it comes to job searching, especially on job networking site LinkedIn, Vedder decided to make her unusual yet very marketable skills known to potential employers.

“I added walking backwards to the skills section on my LinkedIn profile and to my resume because, hey, you never know when your company will need you to give clients a tour of the office or participate in some sort of backwards relay race,” Vedder said.

Vedder has not yet received any job offers.

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