Young Love: Places you ran into your high school ex over break

Madeleine Silva, Web Managing Editor

1. The grocery store. Both of your moms sent you out to grab last-minute ingredients for dinner.



2. The local coffee shop one Saturday morning. Since you’re both alone, you decided to have coffee together and catch up.

“Well, you look great.”

“Thanks, you too.”

3. In your ex’s basement. Just like senior year of high school, they are hosting a party and invited you at the end of the aforementioned coffee rendezvous.

“Hey, wanna go up to the patio? It’s so crowded down here.”


4. In your basement while you watch that Netflix series you used to watch together in 11th grade.

“Haha I love this show, it’s great.”

“I love you.”

5. Outside your house before you both return to school.

“Do you think we should give this another chance?”

“No, we both knew this was just a break thing.”

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