Young Love: Bucknell in Love — Unfiltered

Madeleine Silva, Web Managing Editor

Mark Fisher ’84 and Lulu Williamson Fisher ’85

Mark and I met in a dark corner of the Beta Omicron (B.O.) basement when I was a first-year. He was a sophomore in the coolest fraternity on campus and his social status immediately swept me off my feet. Coincidentally, when I met him my feet were also soaked in beer, as we were in a fraternity basement. I thought that after that night, in which he romantically spun me in circles for 10 minutes, the rest would be history. However, the year and a half that followed was a series of back-and-forth debates.

“Are we a couple?”

“Do you want me to meet your parents this Family Weekend?”

“Why don’t we ever go out for dinner?”

Finally, after I threatened Mark with an ultimatum the fall semester of my junior year, we began to officially date. After we graduated, everybody started getting married so we decided, “Why not hop on the bandwagon?’’

Twenty years later, we would both say we have a “very okay” marriage. Hopefully our daughter, Leslie-Ellen Fisher ’21, who enters the University this fall, can have an equally as average University Love Story story as we do!

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