The List: 16 things to do instead of doing your homework

Courtney Wren and Madeline Diamond, Satire Editor and Senior Editor

  1. Swiffer your entire apartment
  2. Passive-aggressively text your roommates about how you just swiffered the entire apartment
  3. Go to Sweet Frog and sample every flavor
  4. Watch the latest episode of “Dateline”
  5. Google notable inmates at the Lewisburg Penitentiary
  6. Reformat your resume
  7. Delete the entire resume because you probably will never get a job anyway
  8. Pick up the free New York Times on campus
  9. Recycle the free New York Times, mostly unread except for the sections with pictures
  10. Sort the paperclips on your desk by size and color
  11. Stalk your ex on LinkedIn
  12. Delete your LinkedIn because you forgot to put yourself on private browsing
  13. Take the banister off your staircase just to see if you can
  14. Volunteer to mow your neighbor’s lawn
  15. Teach yourself how to cook by watching Paula Deen
  16. Count sheep in hopes of falling asleep
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