Young Love: Gym Boyfriend

Young Love: Gym Boyfriend

Madeleine Silva, Web Managing Editor

As Sarah Neilsen ’17 did sit-ups on the mat under the stairs in KLARC, she saw the same tall, tan, and sweaty boy as she did every Tuesday at 5 p.m.

She knew that their unwavering eye contact while she worked her core and he used some oversized machine no female in the gym touched meant nothing. But, at the same time, maybe it meant everything. Although they’d never spoken, Neilsen figured he probably had a crush on her.

Maybe it was the way he patiently waited behind her at the water fountain after they both finished their respective treadmill workouts. Or maybe it was the way they would “coincidentally” go to the sauna at the same time after their workouts. Potentially, it was that they both wore black Lululemon shorts—it was very couple-esque. While stretching, Neilsen pondered how her gym boyfriend would get along with her parents. If he kept doing those leg presses, her family vacation to the beach would surely include him this summer.

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