Young Love: 13 things you would rather do than text first

Madeleine Silva, Web Managing Editor

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  1. Go to Bertrand Library without headphones.
  2. Do all of your roommates’ laundry.
  3. Do your laundry.
  4. Attend the optional 7-10 p.m. Thursday night lecture on biomimicry.
  5. Say hello to everyone you know while walking across campus.
  6. Go to the gym.
  7. Go to the gym without headphones.
  8. Listen to your roommates talk to their grandparents on the phone.
  9. Make conversation with that one kid (John?) who lived at the end of your first-year hall.
  10. Sit in a different seat in class 11 weeks into the semester.
  11. Run into your professor at 7:30 a.m. on Friday morning.
  12. Text your ex back.
  13. Accidentally like a photo 115 weeks deep in the Instagram feed of the same person you are willing yourself not to text first.
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