First-Year student with Bible-thumping parents listens to Lil Wayne’s entire discography


Jon Meier, Staff Writer

In preparation for Lil Wayne’s upcoming appearance at this year’s spring concert, Heather Andrews ’20 has listened to his entire discography. From Monday night to Wednesday morning, Andrews listened to over 20 mixtapes, 13 studio albums, three compilation albums, and one extended play that spanned the 18 years of Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.’s career.

“I grew up in rural Oklahoma where the only music we got to hear were the hymns sung at church,” Andrews said. “I have a pretty good work ethic, so I knew I could do it if I just dedicated myself. I wouldn’t know what to do if he held the microphone out to me, and I didn’t know the lyrics.”

When asked about her favorite song, Andrews said, “I really like the song, ‘Bedrock’ from the album, ‘We Are Young Money.’ I don’t really understand what they’re saying but the melody is nice and catchy.”

Andrews’ parents declined to comment but sent a brochure for an Evangelical Christian summer camp.

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