Young Love: Uncuffing season

Madeleine Silva, Web Managing Editor

Josh Miller ’17 sat in class on Thursday afternoon debating how to break up with his girlfriend of six months, Sarah Martinez ’17. The reason for the termination of the relationship was not derived from a lack of chemistry, but rather an increase of temperature—outside. In the last week, the dreary winter weather had faded away and the sun shone bright on the academic quad every day of the week.

Do you know what sunny days bring? Sundresses. There had been so many sundresses on the quad and in class. Pink, purple, blue, multi-colored dresses, you name it; they acted as a welcome to the warm weather.

The last six months of freezing weather presented no temptation to Miller. Black puffy coats and furry boots had nothing on the thin, flowy fabric of sundresses. Because of this, Miller knew he could not be in a long term relationship for the next four to six months. Maybe he would tell Martinez it was a situational break up, the situation being sundresses.

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