Five types of relationships you will have as part of your liberal arts experience

Madeleine Silva, Web Managing Editor

The Doomed:

This relationship will start right at the beginning of your college career. You’re just a wide-eyed 18-year-old looking for “the literature building.” And they are a wise senior who can find everything. Rarely does this relationship lead to heartbreak because of their impending graduation and your three remaining years on campus. But, on alumni weekends they still tousle your hair while calling you “kid” and buy you green tea shots at the bar because, “You’re a poor college kid, I got this!” You feign that you’re impressed at their ability to buy you a $3 drink, and go along your way.

The Casual:

During your first year or sophomore year you will find this special person. Perhaps they lived on your first-year hall; maybe you met in your required lab science, but you genuinely consider this person your friend. The casual will keep showing up throughout your four years on campus. Maybe you go to a couple date parties with them, take them to some of yours, but always under the guise of friends. The lack of commitment and pressure on this relationship gives it the potential to be the most enjoyable relationship you have on campus—cherish it.

The Big Love:

“They are the one.” You will say this about your big love relationship. You will be so enamored with this person that you will not heed to your friends’ comments, “We don’t get what you see.” You won’t even get what you see because you will be completely blinded by love. There will be several beginnings and endings to this relationship, but there will be a final ending. That’s the key characteristic of this relationship—it doesn’t work out. And at the ripe old age of your early 20s, you might swear off love. You roll your eyes at your friends and their significant others. But, you might be able to find love again in your next 70 years of life. Maybe.

The Rebound:

Crucial. This relationship is crucial. After you have spent several weeks complaining about your ex and crying on the way home from the bar, you’ll get to this pivotal moment. This will be to everyone’s great relief because you’ve been a real “Debbie Downer” lately. A rebound will happen when you finally take your friends’ advice and stop scrolling through your phone at the bar and start talking to people. Maybe you find the one who has been hitting on you since junior year. Maybe you circle back to “The Casual.” Either way, everyone wins here.

The Curious:

You have to be in your final year at school to appreciate this fling. Maybe you both have known each other all four years. You might have only met this year. Either way, neither of you gave each other a chance until this final lap. They might not be your type, but if your liberal arts education taught you anything, it is to be open minded about everything.

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