Hot: Tangled

For those of you who didn’t see it when it was playing in the ELC Forum last week, it is officially out on DVD. This means you can now enjoy, from your own bed, the musical stylings of Mandy Moore as her animated character dances around the screen befriending ruffians all throughout the land.

Tepid: The break from Glee

Obviously, not having Glee in our lives every Tuesday evening leaves us quiet and depressed when we wake up on Wednesday morning with a lack of new songs to download on iTunes. However, not having to fit in the social event that is the airing of a new episode of Glee gives a little more time to polish off that political science paper or mechanics problem set.

Cold: Teen Mom 2

Let’s all just take a minute to realize that after creating the total junk television that was Teen Mom, MTV decided to air Teen Mom 2. The screaming, crying, hormonal teenage girls who had babies way too young are now able to spend more money on their shotgun weddings than we could ever dream of.  Also, who really needs a wedding cake shaped like the state of West Virginia covered in camouflage print fondant?

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