Chief of Staff John F. Kelly turns to Tinder for new hires

Jon Meier, Satire Editor

White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly was discovered March 5 to have turned to unconventional methods to combat the hemorrhaging from the Executive branch following the most recent departures of White House Communications Director Hope Hicks and top economic adviser to President Donald Trump Gary Cohn. Multiple reports across social media seemed to have unearthed a Tinder profile with pictures of Kelly and a bio advertising opportunities to work at the White House.

The Tinder profile consisted of four images picturing Kelly alongside Trump as well as playing golf, skeet shooting, and posing with a Mahi Mahi. The bio, first posted on Twitter by user @YungLove, read, “What’s going on? I’m John. I’m hopeless at anything long-term but I’m not afraid to try lol. If you’re anything close to a socialist, swipe left. If you want to make America great again, superlike me and let’s see where it goes ;)”

The White House released the following statement in response, “We’ve exhausted all conventional avenues of employment and our cabinet isn’t afraid to try anything new. Tinder is a young person’s game and we believe we can access untapped potential in the form of hungry, politically-savvy millennials.”

Other Tinder users have posted interactions with Kelly’s profile on social media with varying success. In one interaction with user Bella Ghurnst, Kelly opened with the line, “Want to be the chief of my staff? Lol.”

“It’s definitely out-of-the-box thinking, although with the number of bots on Tinder and the whole Russian hack scandal, I wonder if this is the best move,” Greg Oliff, president of millennial-centered political think tank, Poli Want a Cracker, said.

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