China includes ‘White Privilege’ among new tariffs imposed on U.S.


Jon Meier, Satire Editor

In retaliation to the steel and aluminum tariffs that the United States has imposed to presumably target the country, China has retaliated by imposing tariffs on a list of products imported from the United States. The list of products specified crucial U.S. exports such as soybeans, cars, and chemicals, as well as unique American products including cultural appropriation and white privilege.

“The steel and aluminum tariffs were a blatant move by President Trump’s administration to combat what they consider a ‘trade war.If they’re willing to take such direct action that will carry significant economic repercussions for both of our countries, we are willing to impose taxes on aspects essential to the American way of life, such as white privilege,” China’s head of international commerce said in a address to the press.

White privilege is a phenomenon where caucasian people are given systematic advantages over others on the basis of skin color. Contemporary advantages include never getting selected for “random checks” at airports and people never assuming you can’t speak English. While not a product exclusive to the United States, the country is a strong producer of the cultural export, infuriating countries wherever American tourists visit.

“Honestly, I’m so glad that they’ve included this in the tariffs. It’s definitely a wake up call for us as Americans. I have like, a lot of Black and Asian friends so I like, know all about my privilege,” Emily Kay ’19, political science major, said.

The effects of the tariffs have already begun to impact China’s tourism. Major U.S. airlines including JetBlue and Delta have reported a massive influx of flight change requests from Beijing and Shanghai to locations such as Reykjavik, Stockholm, and Dublin.

The White House has yet to respond to the announcement of the tariffs. In a cryptic tweet however, President Donald Trump posted a picture of himself with Ben Carson from late 2017.

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