Kid who only knows the “my bed and my momma” part of God’s Plan waits eagerly for that line to come up at a party

Michael Driesen, Contributing Writer

In the basement of Gamma Delta Phi this past weekend, brother Grant Hunter ’20 stood in the corner patiently waiting to belt out the lyrics to his favorite song by rap superstar Drake. He was overheard repeatedly saying to the brothers controlling the aux cord, “Yo, play ‘God’s Plan’, that song is dope.”

Slightly concerned but willing to take a risk, Hunter requested the song despite the fact that the DJ had played it a mere 10 minutes beforehand and he only knew the line, “I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry.”

Afterwards, when Soulja Boy’s rap classic “Crank Dat” came on, Hunter was seen shuffling in place until the portion of the song where the iconic dance occurs, emphatically hopping to the side on one leg and knocking down four sorority sisters.

When asked about “God’s Plan” by a fellow brother, he replied, “Yeah I’m usually exclusively into indie musicians, like this new unknown group ‘The Lumineers,’ but if this is what all rap music is like then I could probably get behind it.”

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