Viral super star, yodeling Walmart kid, to perform at Chrysalis

Faith Breen, Staff Writer

In an exciting recent development, Activities and Campus Events (ACE) announced that they’ve added a surprise new artist to the Chrysalis lineup. The budding young artist Mason Ramsey, better known as the yodeling Walmart kid, is on the docket for the event alongside ’90s R&B star Shaggy. Ramsey reached viral fame after performing a rendition of Hank Williams’ 1949 “Lovesick Blues” in the home goods section of a Walmart, and is now coming to Lewisburg.

“To be honest I was surprised when the students requested Mason Ramsey. I didn’t know yodeling was considered ‘cool’ anymore but I’m a big fan; it’s one of my favorite types of music from when I was a kid, so I’m excited for sure,” ACE advisor Mr. Lewis said.

Shaggy’s representatives have announced that the two artists are working diligently on a crossover piece. The piece would encompass Shaggy’s sexual hip-hop style as well as Ramsey’s unique yodeling vocals.

“I’m hoping the yodeling kid has such a good time performing that he’ll want to come to Bucknell for college; it’d be cool to have such a huge star go here. Kind of like when Emma Watson was a student at Brown. I guess he is only 11, though,” Lisa Miernicki ’21 said.

Ramsey requested that the venue be moved to the Lewisburg Walmart for the superior acoustics, and ACE representatives are in touch with management to try to make this happen. More details are to arrive in the coming week. The theme for the event has changed to Western in honor of his performance, and students are encouraged to fully embrace the yodeling culture.

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