Student thrown out of class for saying hot dogs are sandwiches


Bridget Beljan, Staff Writer

Another case of a student kicked out of class for an unconventional reason occurred on April 25 when Samuel Witch ’19 insisted that hot dogs were indeed sandwiches.

In her Global Cuisine Integrated Perspectives course, Professor Delicacé was giving a lecture on the origins of the popular dish that is known to be consumed at baseball games and barbecues. Part of the lesson involved the clear distinction between hot dogs and sandwiches.

“A common misconception of the hotdog is that because it is meat housed inside of bread, it is classified as a sandwich. However, the bun is not sliced all the way through, making a hotdog its own entity and in no way a sandwich,” Delicacé said to her students.

Witch decided to share his point of view with the class, refusing to concede to Delicacé’s argument. The student-professor dispute got particularly heated; when asked to leave the classroom Sam refused, vouching for the unity of the foods.

“Professor Delicacé is trying to complicate the logic and make hot dogs seem as if they are some gourmet cuisine, like fresh farmed Kaluga Caviar, or whatever. You put a sausage inside a bun. Call that thing a sandwich,” Witch said.

Witch plans to take his argument and form a movement, creating a “Hotdogs Are Sandwiches (HAS)” event on Facebook. The rally will take place outside of Delicacé’s classroom April 27. According to his page, there will be plenty of “sandwiches and condiments” provided.


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