Editors You May Know 2018

Elizabeth Worthington ’18


Major: English and Psychology

Hometown: Lower Gwynedd, PA

Favorite newsroom moment: Watching the basketball team make it to March Madness from the newsroom on production night.

Future role with the paper: I will be a consumer of the paper next year 🙁

Summer Plans: Starting my job as a Reporter at WETM 18 News in Elmira, NY


Lynn Korsun ’18

Print Presentation Director

Major: Psychology and German

Hometown: New Canaan, CT

Favorite newsroom moment: Too many to count. But one of my tops is when Julie, Ruby, Janey and I made a choreographed Triller music video and wanted to use it as a recruitment video.

Future role with the paper: 🙁

Summer Plans: Travel! Before moving to Boston to work as a research technician at the National Center for PTSD for the US Department of Veterans Affairs.


Ruby Gould ’19

Print Managing Editor

Major: Philosophy and Spanish

Hometown: Harding, NJ

Favorite newsroom moment: Whenever Jared Shapiro opens his mouth.

Future role with the paper: The biggest dog. (Editor-in-Chief)

Summer Plans: Working with the International Rescue Committee, aiding primarily Syrian, African, and Latin American refugees that have arrived on U.S. soil under political asylum.


Jared Shapiro ’20

Web Managing Editor, Graphics Manager, etc.

Major: Markets, Innovation, & Design

Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Favorite newsroom moment: Telling Janey no when she asks me to make a graphic for her

Future role with the paper: Web Managing Editor & Graphics Manager

Summer Plans: Working as a marketing intern for Gannett, a company that owns USA TODAY and other U.S. media outlets


Kathryn Nicolai ’20

News Editor

Major: English- Literary Studies

Hometown: Pleasantville, NY

Favorite newsroom moment: Watching the quote board accumulate throughout the semester

Future role with the paper: Co-News Editor

Summer Plans: tbd


Haley Mullen ’19

Assistant News Editor

Major: English and Art History

Hometown: Arlington, VA

Favorite newsroom moment: All of us absolutely crushing spaghetti and fries

Future role with the paper: Co-news Editor

Summer Plans: Intern writer with COED Media Group LLC in New York City. Will be focusing on entertainment coverage for COED’s CollegeCandy.com.


Sam Rosenblatt ’20

Opinions Editor

Major: Political Science and Spanish

Hometown: Newton, MA

Favorite newsroom moment: Too difficult to choose. I leave the newsroom each week with a new one.

Future role with the paper: Print Managing Editor

Summer Plans: Working on a Massachusetts gubernatorial campaign and then working as a counselor at a sleepaway camp in Maine.


Jon Meier ’20

Satire Editor

Major: Political Science and Creative Writing

Hometown:Old Tappan, NJ

Favorite newsroom moment: Realizing I needed to find myself

Future role with the paper: I’m taking a sabbatical to find myself

Summer Plans: To find myself


Julie Spierer ’19

Special Features Editor & Assistant Social Media Manager

Major: Psychology and Film/Media Studies

Hometown: Wyckoff, NJ

Favorite newsroom moment: All the endless giggles

Future role with the paper: Special features editor

Summer Plans: Toasting in the sun, interning with Fox in NYC, tender times with friends & family, and laying in the horizontal state for at least 45 hours upon arrival back to my home.


Fallon Goldberg ’20

Special Features Layout Editor

Major: Biology and Economics

Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ

Favorite newsroom moment: Every week when someone says “food’s here”

Future role with the paper: Special Features Layout Editor

Summer Plans: An internship with J&J in their safety unit


Janey Woo ’20

Special Features Layout Editor

Major: Education

Hometown: Mahwah, NJ

Favorite newsroom moment: When Jared asks me to send him my graphics and when Jared chooses to sit next to me and conversing with Jared !

Future role with the paper: New Lynn

Summer Plans: Kicking it back in the mods and flopping around in our kiddie pool, occasionally doing some research


Lindsay Erickson ’18

Social Media Manager

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Riverside, CT

Favorite newsroom moment: Anything Julie Sperier says

Future role with the paper: BYE!

Summer Plans: Staying in Lewisburg before my landlord kicks me out, traveling, and starting work in mid-July!


Erin Ditmar ’18

Photography Co-Editor

Major: Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Manahawkin, NJ

Favorite newsroom moment: Whenever all photos were uploaded on time!

Future role with the paper: My 6 semesters as photography editor has come to an end!

Summer Plans: TBD before starting ~real life~ working in August


Justin Koss ’19

Photography Co-Editor

Major: Bio/pre med

Hometown: Sparta, NJ

Favorite newsroom moment: Liz attempting to explain how her concussions happened

Future role with the paper: Taking pictures of more things

Summer Plans: Staying in the Burg and trying not to be stung by the many bees I will be studying


Elise Covert ’20

Sports Co-Editor

Major: Applied Math

Hometown: Kennett Square, PA

Favorite newsroom moment: Britt’s cheesy puns and any time the two of us attempt to explain sports to Ruby.

Future role with the paper: Having FOMO from Spain

Summer Plans: Doing top secret government work. (But actually, developing surveys and analyzing data for the Department of Education.)


Brittany Willwerth ’20

Sports Co-Editor

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Favorite newsroom moment: Way too many to pick from, but I can guarantee they all consist of plenty of smiles and laughs

Future role with the paper: Sports for life.

Summer Plans: I’ll be studying abroad in Denmark for the majority of June, and then coming back to good ole Lewisburg to shadow/work at Geisinger  


Olivia Braito ’19

Sports Layout Editor

Major: Economics and Studio Art

Hometown: East Williston, NY

Favorite newsroom moment: Liz sending Patrick a Valentine’s Day pizza 🙂

Future role with the paper: Sports Layout Editor

Summer Plans: TBD !!


Maddie Boone ’18

Opinions Editor Emeritus

Major: International Relations

Hometown: Warren, NJ

Favorite newsroom moment: Listening to Jon Meier pitch ideas for satire. It’s truly a great section.

Future role with the paper: Sadly I am graduating so no future role, but who knows maybe I’ll submit something as an Alum. After all, I know the new editorial staff.

Summer Plans: Traveling around Europe, enjoying time at the Jersey Shore, and eventually moving to Boston!

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