Senior student takes Parents’ Weekend as opportunity to move back home

Sufferer of Senioritis, Contributing Writer

Mandy Heering ’19 was seen packing her belongings into her father’s car at the end of Family Weekend. She packed it outside of Yellowwood, having just finished Supering with her parents, friends, and friends’ parents. With the car fully loaded with books, clothing, and her mini-fridge, Heering admits the stress of the job hunt and senior course load got to her.

“I mean, it was so convenient having my parents here,” Heering said. “I’m just not seeing any job opportunities, and my course load just got to be too much. I figured, I’m probably going to end up back at their house after graduation anyways, right? So may as well just skip the exams and research papers and go home with them right now. I’ve had my fun, but now it’s time to drop out.”

The 21-year-old English major had no job prospects on the horizon. Furthermore, she found the constant internships and job offerings for Business and Engineering majors too much to be around.

“My friends would not stop talking about their starting salaries at their big firms,” Heering said. “I started to panic and remembered that home was just a few hours away.”

She returned home to Fairfield, Conn. and is currently spending her days eating homemade meals while mindlessly reading her Message Center emails at 1:12 a.m. each day.

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