Letter to Editor: Students respectfully engage with speaker

To the editor:

The letter to the editor printed in last week’s issue of The Bucknellian gave a false impression of Tammy Bruce.

Last Thursday, Bruce spoke about the compatibility of conservative ideas with the core values of the LGBT community and other minorities. She argued that the conservative principle of individual liberty empowers everyone, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

Students with many different backgrounds, perspectives and opinions attended the lecture. Some students agreed with the opinions presented by Bruce, while others disagreed. Regardless of whether or not they held the same beliefs as Bruce, students came to the event with open minds, ready to hear a point of view not often articulated on the University’s campus.

At the conclusion of her initial remarks, Bruce opened the floor to questions from the audience. It was during the question-and-answer period that students displayed the finest qualities the University has to offer and undeniably affirmed the sacred purpose of a university — to encourage and nurture thoughtful, critical and open intellectual discussion. Students engaged Bruce in conversation for over an hour, asking pointed questions and challenging her conclusions. The guest speaker was also committed to constructive dialogue with the students, giving them the opportunity to stay afterwards to talk for at least another hour. Both Bruce and the students who continued the conversation acknowledged that they came away from the experience with valuable information that they otherwise would not have gained.

This event provided the University community with a priceless opportunity to openly discuss current matters of great significance and expose themselves to different opinions. The behavior of students at the event was exemplary. They effectively used this venue to challenge their beliefs and ultimately strengthen their own convictions. University students should be proud of the admirable conduct of their classmates.

Scott Henry ’11
Sami Prehn ’11
Sarah Thibault ’12
Wes Pyron ’12
Ashley Rooney ’14
Anthony Contarino ’14
Dominique Douglas ’14
Brian Cooper ’11
Monique McCants ’14
Robert Harder ’59
Michael Higgins ’12
Kalila Beehler ’11
Mallory Lyons ’14
Frasier Esty ’13
Oswaldo Galicia ’14
Bridget Gates ’13
Sophia Geraci ’14
Julia Bonnell ’14
Evan Kaufman

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