Second semester bucket list

Liz Whitmer, Senior Writer

With the second semester in full swing, the University has an abundance of resources and opportunities to complete a bucket list for the second half of your year. 

If ideas are not coming to mind, this article should help you think of some things to make this semester the best one yet. 

  1. Sit in the cafe without staring at your phone the whole time.

Face it — you’re pretending you’re squeezing in a meal while still hard at work, and no one else there is buying it. The phone and textbooks don’t make you look less alone.

  1. Get glared at every time you’re on the top floor of the library. 

Feel free to bring some snacks and a drink while you work. You could probably even work on your group project on that floor. Some people will look annoyed, but it’s completely silent so they can’t really say anything about it. 

  1. Find the gym (workout optional).

Almost everyone wants to live a healthier lifestyle for the new year, and the new semester is as good a time as any to start implementing that. First, you need to find the gym. Even if you don’t work out, it’s the thought that counts. 

  1. Steal one of the therapy dogs.

If they’re really there to help your mental health, no one can blame you for stealing one. The dogs probably hate being around so many stressed people anyway, so it’s probably better you take it so it only has to deal with one. 

  1. Summon spirits in the Lewisburg Cemetery.

With such close proximity to Smith, hopefully someone will hear your screams if you need help. If all goes well, a subpar horror film will be made from your experience. 

  1. Ruin your chances of future employment by making it on the University’s Barstool page.

The pain of your ridiculous stunt will fade, but the embarrassment and evidence of your actions will stick around forever. Bonus points if it’s something that will disappoint your mom if she were to see it, too. 

  1. Simply make it through the semester. 

C’s get degrees and that’s what we’re looking for to get through the second semester. The bare minimum is — barely —  better than nothing.

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