Best things to give up for Lent

Liz Whitmer, Senior Writer

Lent is right around the corner, and some University students have felt the pressure of picking a lifestyle change to make for 40 days starting at the end of this month. The Bucknellian was able to conduct a campus-wide survey to get the top results from students who already have their Lent goals locked in. 

If you’re still struggling, here are the top five things students said they will be giving up at the beginning of this holy period. 

  1. Praying: Most students who responded to the survey said they are giving up praying for Lent as a means of improving their relationship with God. “I get pretty annoyed when my friends are constantly complaining to me, so I feel like God probably feels the same way with me,” Sara Cynical ’22 said. “If we just, like, take a break from each other, I think we’ll end up better later on.”
  2. Going to class: Attending class comes in second only to the power of stopping prayer — and for quite similar reasons. “Going to class is showing my professors that I am almost always unprepared,” Larry Lazy ’20 said. “If I’m out of sight, hopefully, my lack of motivation and effort will be out of mind, too.”
  3. Beer: Coming in third is cutting beer out of campus life and the floors of fraternities. Sharon Shallow ’21 admitted that while she is choosing beer as her vice to give up, she will be substituting it for hard liquor. “Spring break is coming up and drinking vodka is just so much better for my figure,” she said.
  4. Talking behind peoples’ backs: Many students are using Lent as a means of becoming better people by stopping themselves from speaking poorly about others when they are not around. “I’m really trying to stop talking about people in an ill-mannered way,” Rachel Rude ’23 said. “Instead, I think it’s best that I just tell my friends I think their new spray tans look fake to their faces.”
  5. Abstinence: Premarital sex may be a sin, but University students took this month’s Sex Positivity week in stride and are implementing it into their everyday lives by giving up abstinence for Lent.
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