Large donation creates variety of opportunities

By Pranav Sehgal

Opinions Editor

Recently, William Morrow ’70 and his wife Madeline have committed $6 million in support of the University. This contribution will provide funding to the Academic West and to “University strategic priorities,” President John Bravman said.

The funding will also give to programs such as scholarships, “academic facilities, the annual fund, study abroad and athletics.” According to the University website, the Morrows’ gift will go toward “adding 70,000 feet of classroom, labs, faculty offices,” and more.

With the University adding such great expanses to the campus, one asks the question of whether our university is changing from a small, liberal arts school to a large, research-based institute.

This then starts to make the current student and prospective student weigh the pros and cons to the expansion.

The benefits to such an action would include things like improved infrastructure, greater resources and additional students who may have unique perspectives. I believe that all these things stated are necessary for any institution to thrive in this environment. Universities must not only have state-of-the-art facilities and resources in order to attract the brightest students, but also a diversity of perspectives in order to enrich student life.

The cons to such actions may include a higher student-to-teacher ratio. I believe what makes the University great is that ratio between students and professors is, in most cases, very balanced which makes it easier for students to seek help and thrive in this environment.

Although there may or may not be an increase in the student-to-teacher ratio, I believe that this funding will greatly improve and contribute to the University. This funding will not only contribute to the student life of current students but will also help prospective students seek financial aid if needed. The University is changing before our eyes and the outcome seems promising.

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