University has much to offer students

By Jen Lassen

Assistant News Editor

I think most can agree that applying to college was one of the most stressful periods of our lives thus far. In hindsight, I am surprised I survived it. The pressure of applying to multiple institutions, unaware of which you’ll attend, then waiting for responses from each school was enough to ensue multiple mental breakdowns.

Yet the day I was accepted to the University was the day all my stressors dissipated. As my first choice, this appeared to be the place for me from my first visit and I have not looked back once on my decision to enroll.

Since being a first-year makes me a recent addition to the Bucknell family, I can recall my college search and application process vivdly. Coming from a big high school, I knew I wanted to downsize for college and go to a smaller university with a personal feel. Also, as a Pennsylvania native, I knew I wanted to stay in the state for my college education. I decided liberal arts schools seemed like the best option, so I researched a list of 20 good ones in Pennsylvania and set out with my parents to visit each.

This was the first school I visited in the spring of my junior year and the minute I stepped on campus, I knew I belonged. Primarily, the rural setting and quaint town made me feel welcomed, relaxed and at home. The beauty of Rooke Chapel and the luscious green lawns first captured my eyes, as most can agree that these, among many other elements, are equally eye-catching for all of us.  Through the information session and the tour, I discovered how genuine the people are and how committed each person is to academic excellence. The drive to succeed I observed that day inspired me and resonated with my goals for college and my future. Along with a true match to my ideals, the campus is certainly conducive to a high-quality educational experience since all of the facilities are of the best caliber and all of the buildings are well-kept (and, for the most part, they all match!).

After careful review of the University’s credentials and opportunities and after visiting 15 other schools, I decided to apply early decision to our University. Around this time last year, I had not a clue as to whether I would attend the following year. Now here I am, in the Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library, typing away without a college acceptance care in the world.

Being here so far has been simply amazing. I have gotten involved in many activities and clubs, pursued my interests in the classes I’m taking and have made a wonderful group of friends I absolutely love.

Yet I can’t help but nit-pick sometimes at a few things I would change. Seeing as I’m a total nerd at heart, I wish there was a separate library downhill (where I live) so I would not have to trek each time I want to do my work or study. Also, I want to pursue journalism and was primarily attracted to the University’s strong English and Spanish programs, yet I wish Bucknell offered a communications program for students interested such a field.

Other than these few—and minute—things, this school has turned out to be an absolute haven: the best school I could have ever asked to attend. The University embodies an abundance of qualities—all of which I cannot include in this article—yet I think most of us can confidently say that there are many aspects far too amazing to actually put into words. And for those who have yet to discover the University and its hidden treasures, you will see what we mean.

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