Library Help Desk to aid research

Shannon Beauregard

Contributing Writer

The Bertrand Library Help Desk has been replaced by the Research Help Center this semester.

“Fundamentally, the help we’re offering has not changed, but now it’s more convenient for students to get the help they need,” said Jason Snyder, librarian and manager of communications and outreach.

According to Snyder, the library staff wants to encourage students to take advantage of the research help the library has to offer.

“Getting rid of the Help Desk will help to promote one-on-one research appointments, resulting in stronger research,” Snyder said.

If students have quick research questions, they are encouraged to go to the Library Services Desk. If students have in-depth research questions, they should book an appointment and visit the Research Help Center located on the first floor.

To book an appointment, students can either walk into the Research Help Center and sign up or reserve a spot online. To make a reservation, students should go to

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