Men facing charges for robbery

By Courtney Flagg


According to The Daily Item, two Lewisburg men face charges after police said they stole more than $1,700 in items while working on 634 St. Catherine Street this past summer.

According to documents on file in District Judge Leo Armbruster’s office, the two men in question, Darius Durham, 19, and Tracy Phillip Warner, 20, were employed by landlord Scott Steiler to work on 634 St. Catherine St. in early June.

When police confronted Durham and Warner, Durham denied any unlawful activity, while Warner said both he and Durham entered several off-campus homes through unlocked doors while working for Steiler. According to court documents, Durham and Warner entered 611, 616, 622 and 634 St. Catherine St.

Except for a Buddha figurine and a Sheffield pocketknife, the property stolen, totaling $1,781, was recovered.

Victim of the burglaries William Napoli ’12 will be subpoenaed for the case by the court system as a witness.

“The Lewisburg Police Department was extremely helpful in the case as they promptly recovered my property,” he said.

Preliminary hearings for Durham and Warner were scheduled to start on Thursday at 10:30 a.m. in Armbruster’s office.

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