Bucknell introduces Her Campus

By Meghan Finlayson

Staff Writer

Students at the University are part of a growing number of colleges across the country who have recently established pages on the popular website “Her Campus,” an online magazine for female college students started by three Harvard undergraduates.  The University launched a branch in September to feature different aspects of college life specifically for University students.

The University’s page features articles written entirely by University students on health, style, careers, beauty and love.

Cameron Simcik ’12 and Michelle Joline ’12 are the co-founders of the University’s site and began working on the project this past summer.

“I started writing for the main Her Campus site this summer, and [they were] encouraging writers to start their own branches at individual universities,” Simcik said.  “[We] feature a weekly ‘Campus Celebrity,’ ‘Campus Cutie,’ polls, and school-related news. It’s a great way to discuss important and interesting issues on our campus.”

The site aims to give University women a voice.

“We write about things that women our age want to read in a more casual, conversational way,” writer Courtney Brownstein ’12 said.

The editors also hope to represent as many diverse interests on the site as possible.

“[They] are really encouraging about being creative and pushing the boundaries because nothing is off-limits,” writer Libby Henry ’12 said.

Many students are featured in articles on the site.

“The success of the site means promoting the success of Bucknellians,” Joline said.

There are also student bloggers who frequently post.

“My blog is all about nail polish, so my first post was just about my collection, how readers could get started with their own collections, and some of my favorite websites to find the latest trends,” Abbey Daugherty ’12 said.

Her Campus also covers more serious issues and relevant news at the University, including upcoming events and the site is updated constantly.

“There are always a variety of articles as well as at least one new article added every day,” said Alex Zak ’12, who works on Public Relations for the branch.

As Simcik and Joline move forward, they hope to further develop the site and increase the number of writers to appeal to an even larger audience.

“We are looking forward to building our team of writers to reach a larger demographic,” Joline said.

Many are enthusiastic about the future and excited about the progress so far.

“It is so different from other Bucknell publications,” Brownstein said.

“I see Her Campus growing to be a large part of our campus, a resource that students will check on a daily basis,” Zak said.

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