Future bright for Uptown

By William Fierman

Assistant News Editor

The University’s Uptown nightclub has provided the campus with both new and traditional events so far this semester including a Pub Night, Speed Dating, Candy Land Trivia Night, Karaoke Night, a Poetry Slam, a Rave and a Super Bowl party.

“Uptown is a space that constantly evolves in response to students’ interests and we are open to bringing whatever events and entertainment appeal to the most people on campus,” Uptown manager Steph Wyld ’14 said.

The potential for Uptown is large, and staff members and students hope to take advantage of the space for future event scheduling.

“I could see a kind of hang out vibe like a seventh street for uphill,” Kelsey Fletcher ’14 said. “If it could have coffee, or a larger extension of snacks offered I think it would be a cool place to do homework. I’ve also liked the comedians and performers that come there. I think that it has a more intimate vibe than seeing something in the Weis Center.”

“There have been some events that were really fun, like the Karaoke Night and Speed Dating,” Ivan Flores ’16 said. “But the one I enjoyed the most was the International Party. I loved that they played such a huge variety of music. I think that having more dance parties would be really fun for everyone, but especially for the people who don’t drink, so there is a place for them to party without alcohol involved.”

Uptown also hosted magician and entertainer Michael Kent on Feb. 15, and looks forward to hosting Lee DeWyze, American Idol Season 9 winner on March 1.

“I’d like to see more music acts in the future,” Conor Pierson ’15 said. “I’ve liked when music acts or bands play there. I usually try and make it out when Uptown has music on the schedule.”

With the planned construction of new uphill housing likely to shift the student body onto the campus, Uptown is likely to see increased usage by the student body.

The University administration is aware of a possible movement of the downtown drinking culture to uphill locations by limiting the availability of downtown housing to students in the future. Dean of Students Susan Lantz has suggested making Uptown open to underage students when serving alcohol to those over 21 is an option at events.

“What will younger kids do when they don’t have a downtown party to go to when there is less of a downtown–might be going to a dorm with hard alcohol rather than a downtown party with a keg when only 200 students can live downtown,” Lantz said. “The administration is open to students’ opinions. Should we open Uptown to underage students when it’s serving alcohol? We don’t know. But we’re asking these sorts of questions.”

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