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Bucknell does not have a journalism major or minor, but over the years many Bucknellians have gone on to journalism school for graduate degrees. Below is a list of some recent Bucknell graduates who have continued their education in journalism. Most, but not all, of these students worked on The Bucknellian.

Name Journalism School Position on Bucknellian
Michelle Laxer ’09 Northwestern ’10 Editor-in-Chief
Dave Allen Syracuse University Arts/Entertainment editor
Sara Stefanini ’04 Columbia University News Writer
Kimberley Hallman ’04 Syracuse University
Helen Hunt ’03 Northwestern University Photographer
Krista Reisdorf ’02 Syracuse University Arts/Entertainment editor
Brian Watson ’01 Northwestern University Editor-in-Chief
Nicole Gull ’00 Columbia University Arts/Entertainment editor
Matt Johnson ’00 Northwestern University
Anne Monoky ’00 Northwestern University News writer
E.J. Crawford ’99 Columbia University Editor-in-Chief
Emily (Apel) Rebhan ’99 Syracuse University
Brett Tomlinson ‘99 Columbia University Editor-in-Chief
Nicole Maestri ’97 Northwestern University Opinions Editor

Alums in the field of Journalism

Over the years a number of Bucknell graduates have found employment in journalism. Below is a partial list. Note that some of these graduates may have worked on The Bucknellian and some may not.

Some graduates working in the print media include:

Albright, Rebecca ’91, Freelance Writer
Beam, Shannon ’98, Intn’l Correspondent, “South China Morning Post”
Bemis, David ’74, Managing Editor, “Santa Maria Times”
Berrie, James ’73, Pagination Supv., “The Star-Ledger”
Bigelow, Mariann ’81, Freelance Med. Editor
Bohrer, Linda ’74, Editor, Dow Jones & Company
Braile, Robert ’77, Correspondent, “The Boston Globe”
Campbell, Raquel ’88, Technical Writer, Ciber, Incorporated
Carpenter-Baker, Karen ’88, Writer, “People”
Coffman, Wendy ’91, Self Employed Writer
Cooperson, David ’92, Self Employed Writer
Crawford, Edward ’99, Reporter, “The Trentonian”
Decker, William ’74, Managing Editor, “Lutheran Partners Magazine”
Dunlap, Susan ’65, Writer-Novelist
Gianelli, Sarah ’98, Editor’s Asst., “Oregonian”
Hacker, Kathleen ’71, Projects Editor, “Philadelphia Inquirer”
Hendrickson, Susan ’93, Freelance Journalist
Howry, Jeff ’65, Self Employed Editor
Lawrence, Calvin ’80, Editorial Writer, “Newsday”
Lawrence, Keith ’80, Assoc. Director, Duke University News Service
Maestri, Nicole ’97, Correspondent, Reuters America
Mahoney, Fabia ’69, Staff Editor, The Bureau of National Affairs
Manly, Howard ’81, News Columnist, “Boston Herald”
Mansur, Jean ’65, Reporter, “Newark Star-Ledger Company”
Mason, Erik ’62, Book Editor, State House Press
Mauriello, Carmen, “02, Reporter, “The Capital (Annapolis)”
McComsey, Lisa ’81, Writer, “Life Magazine”
Means, Susan ’75, Free-lance Writer, Anadem Publishing Incorporated
Medoff, Theresa ’85, Freelance Writer
Meyer, Carolyn ’57, Self-Employed Author
Meyer-Graham, Kristin ’99, Asst. Managing Editor, “Atlantic Daily Sentinel”
Minasian, Alexis ’01, Advertising Coord., “Cosmopolitan”
Misur, Susan ’09, Shoreline Reporter, “The New Haven Register”
Reese, Kay ’81, Copy Editor, “The Youngstown Vindicator”
Reisdorf, Krista ’02, Assoc Edit/Dir Comm, NRCA
Ritter, Robert ’83, Publication Dir., Oxford University
Rollfinke, Jacqueline ’61, Freelance Writer
Romm, Jessica ’99, Journalist, “Interview Magazine”
Ryman, Sally ’97, Production Editor, CQ Press
Schroeder, Robert ’92, Writer, “Bridge News”
Smolka, Stephen ’88, Editor/Writer, Patuxent Publishing Company
Vanderhoof, Ann ’74, Editor/Writer
Woolston, Deborah ’60, Staff Writer, “The Sun”
Wright, Chapin ’73, Editor, “Bloomberg News”

Some graduates working in other media:

Abe, Mio ’00, Assign. Editor, Fox
Adams, Douglas ’88, Producer, NBC
Cameron, Alexander ’84, Anchor/Reporter, KWTV9
Cresswell, Jay ’81, Asst. Program Director, KlUV Radio
Davenport, Sara ’96, Anchor, WBIR-TV
Davis, Kirk ’77, Editor, Producer’s Video Corporation
Huntley, Wendy ’79, Dir. Finance, ESPN
Marr, David ’83, Commentator, The Golf Channel
McIlwain, Nicholas ’01, Producer, WMMR Radio
McLaughlin, Karen ’85, Director of Media, CBS
Reynolds, James ’82, Sr. Producer, ESPN
Schiffres, Erica ’10, BBC News
Suiters, Kimberly ’92, Anchor/Reporter, KOCO-Tv5

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    mohammad goodarziJan 30, 2011 at 10:08 am

    My name is Mohammad Goodarzi and I am a citizen of Iran.I received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Bucknell University in 1989. I have been a translator and writer for the Iranian English language newspaper ‘Iran Daily since 1997’. I chose this field because of the comprehensive education that I enjoyed at BU. However, I have not lost interest in engineering despite passage of many years since my graduation. I still firmly believe that BU offers the best undergraduate degree in the world.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this comment.

    Mohammad Goodarzi’89